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At oylogo, we craft logos

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No more waiting endlessly, no confusions in choosing options during logo design contests and plenty of clarity in decision making. Simply select any of the 2 packages and place your order at an affordable price.

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We are one of the few logo creating websites that are genuinely affordable, which reflects in our prices. You simply do not need to pay prices as high as $299 or $500 for a logo. We have simplified the entire process for you and offer competitively priced packages that are best suited to your specific requirements.


All logo design concepts are private which means designers don't have access to other designers' concepts, which retains their uniqueness to the core. We realize that in many logo design services, it becomes rather easy to peep at others’ designs and blatantly copy it to their own designs thus reducing the uniqueness of the logos. Our foolproof system does enough to prevent such thefts of creative ideas.

100% Money Back Guarantee!

In case you are dissatisfied with any of our designs despite our helpful revisions, you will be given your money back, in a no questions asked, hassle free manner.

Fast Turnaround Time

You will get the initial set of concepts in 48 hours.

Clarity Of Packages

Clarity of choices is a boon on the internet in more ways than one. At a time when it is easy to get torn between too many unhelpful choices, we offer just two options: Oy Silver for $30 and Oy Gold for $50.

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Our packages

Oy Silver


  • 4 different designers
  • 16 different concepts
  • Unlimited revisions
  • 48 hour deliver
  • Copyright & Ownership
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Oy Gold


  • 8 different designers
  • 32 different concepts
  • Unlimited revisions
  • 48 hour deliver
  • Copyright & Ownership
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